National Centre for Supervision of Parent-Infant Relationships

Giving practitioners access to clinical supervisors with expertise in parent-infant relationships.

Improving outcomes for parents & children and resilience in practitioners

With expert supervision, practitioners can be helped to reflect on their work with parents and infants, enabling individuals to process the emotional content of the work, attending to all of the relationships, keeping the baby and both parents in mind. Access to consistent reflective supervison gives practitioners space to explore their feelings and review their approach, enabling growth and discovery within the context of a trusting relationship. This additional support will help more parents and their infants establish and build close and nurturing relationships.

Supporting those that support others…

We continue to listen to managers and practitioners to understand your needs and design a service which meets them.  As well as supporting parents and infants, supervision can prevent practitioner burn-out and promote reflective practice.

“A positive early bond lays the ground for children to grow up to become happy, independent adults. Loving, secure relationships help build resilience, our ability to cope with challenges and recover from setbacks.”


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