NCSPIR Supervision Service

“Effective supervision makes a tangible positive difference for children and families and supervision that makes a tangible positive difference for children and families is effective.” – Wilkins (2023)

We offer access to expert clinical supervisors for practitioners who are supporting parents and infants within the local authority areas in the Start for Life programme. Clinical supervision provides practitioners with space to:

  • Reflect on the impact of their work on themselves, preventing burnout and promoting reflective practice.
  • Seek support, advice, and guidance to learn more about ways of supporting babies and their families.

Our Supervisors

NCSPIR supervisors are regulated practitioners who have experience delivering specialist services to parents and infants. As relationships experts, our team of supervisors hold both an infant mental health frame of mind and a couple state of mind.

Developing professional knowledge and competence

Supervisors help practitioners to hold the needs of the baby and the parents-infant relationship in mind. Sharing their knowledge of infant development, supervisors help practitioners to understand what the baby is communicating and can support formulation of the needs of the baby and family.

Supervisors help practitioners to develop an awareness of their thoughts and feelings and to question their assumptions and be able to monitor these and reflect on the way in which they may help/hinder work with parents-infants and professional colleagues. This process is called known as “Reflective Practice”.


Putting the couple in the picture

Tavistock Relationships has been working with families, couples and parents for 75 years and brings its ‘couple lens’ to working with parent-infant relationships. The infant’s development and mental health takes place within the context of the parental relationship. Infants are exquisitely sensitive, and often in their raw chaotic emotional states can reflect and highlight problems inherent in the couple relationship. Bringing a couple state of mind to supervision of parent-infant work can improve relational patterns in family life.


We pay attention to the entire supervisory experience of the supervisee and before any supervision starts, there will be clear agreement between the local authority, the NCSPIR supervisor and the supervisee. This will clarify respective responsibilities, confidentiality boundaries and lines of communication.

If you would like more details about our Supervision Service get in touch.

Supervision of Supervisors

NCSPIR provides Supervision of Supervisors to support the work of parent-infant practitioners in local authority areas.

Supervision of Supervisors provides a structured space for a group of supervisors to meet with an expert supervisor. In these sessions supervisors will be guided to reflect and think together about the process of their supervisions.

NCSPIR supervisors can also meet in a group for Peer Supervision to draw on each other’s perspectives, feedback and understandings.