Supervision delivers insight and instils confidence

Access to consistent reflective supervision gives practitioners working with parent-infant relationships the space to explore their feelings and review their approach. In turn this enables growth and discovery within the context of trusting relationships.

With many local authorities now participating in NCSPIR Group Supervision we are seeing some common themes around the benefits as perceived by practitioner participants. Here is a summary of some of the responses we have received so far:

1. An opportunity to share experiences

Practitioners who have told us they feel being part of a group to be beneficial. They have reported that the sessions have helped them realise that their experiences are not individual to themselves alone and that they appreciate the opportunity to reflect on their experiences using colleagues and a supervisor, within a safe space.

2. Confidence growth from support

After just one session some practitioners feel more confident about sharing their own experiences. They feel reassured that they will be supported and say that the support from NCSPIR Supervision is giving them confidence which they hope, in turn, giving the parents they are supporting more confidence.

3. Deeper understanding of interconnected relationships

As well as processing the emotional content of their work, NCSPIR Supervision is designed to support practitioners attend to the relationships in the families they are working with, keeping the baby and both parents in mind. Participants are telling us that the sessions are helping them look at how a baby reacts and interacts with parents and to consider whether any emotions are coming through them.

4. Recognising how personal emotions could impact the situation

This kind of work can be emotionally draining and practitioners have told us that Supervision had encouraged them to think about their feelings when interacting with families and recognise their own emotions in situations which make them feel uncomfortable.

5. Offering a fresh perspective

Participants have told us that NCSPIR expert parent-infant supervision offers a fresh perspective, providing a different kind of supervision from, for example, caseload-based supervision.

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