TR – delivering successful alliances for 75 years

Sarah Ingram, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Programmes at Tavistock Relationships, explains why collaborative projects like the National Centre for the Supervision of Parent-Infant Relationships (NCSPIR) are central to TR’s purpose. Sarah is Head of Strategic Partnerships and Programmes at Tavistock Relationships. She has a background in Community Development and has worked in both statutory and voluntary sector settings. Before joining Tavistock Relationships Sarah was Head of Parenting with responsibility for the development and delivery of parenting support for hard to reach families.


Tavistock Relationships exists to support people have better relationship at all stages of their lives and one of the ways we do this is to ensure that health and social care systems fully recognise the relational context of people’s lives. As well as providing couples therapy and delivering high-quality professional psychodynamic and psychoanalytic training to individuals and couples, Tavistock Relationships works with partner organisations to deliver both training and therapy.

This new collaboration between Tavistock Relationships and the Department of Health and Social Care is part of a long line of programmes delivered by TR over our 75 year history. Applying our expertise in relationships and our experience delivering complex projects, we have operated alongside national and local government, research institutions, charities and businesses. Ahead of our work to set up the NCSPIR, we were funded by Government to help local authorities across England ensure that practitioners doing important work around parent-infant relationships received high quality supervision.

TR brings a relational lens to all our projects and, as you might expect, we pride ourselves on the quality of the partnerships that we make. We recognise that good intentions alone are not enough and that a successful alliance requires a clear strategy, a robust format for delivery and clear metrics for evaluation.

Some of our recent successful associations include:

  • Developing resources for Cafcass, including e-learning materials, to support parents think about their children avoid the Family Court.
  • Delivering Reducing Parental Conflict Programme for the Department of Work and Pensions including recruiting staff and rolling out evidence-based interventions.
  • Creating a flexible model to provide relationship support to NHS staff around complex shift patterns
  • Testing the effectiveness of a mentalization-based intervention at reducing the likelihood of violence in children aged 8-14 with a university and several local authorities.
  • Working with more than 20 local authorities delivering bespoke training, clinical supervision and evidence-based interventions.

We are delighted that the government is committed to helping parents and carers give every baby the best start for life. The Family Hubs and Start for Life programme launched in August 2022 and now the introduction of the National Centre of Supervision for Parent-Infant Relationships is delivering a step change in outcomes for babies and a crucial support structure for participating local authorities.