Useful Links

A collection of resources which we hope our audience will find informative and useful.

A brief introduction to perinatal mental health - Tavistock Training

This five-hour, online course provides a brief introduction to perinatal mental health, with a focus on specific perinatal mental disorders and an overview of the potential risks associated with perinatal mental illness. It is CPD certified interactive course and is aimed at anyone requiring an increased awareness of some of the most common forms of perinatal mental illness. It can be completed at any time.

Infant observation in the perinatal period - Tavistock Training

This 12-week, CPD course supports multidisciplinary practitioners to better understand how infant observation can be used in clinical work. Alongside parent-infant observations participants are supported to expand their knowledge of infant development and relationships. The course runs three times per year with 18 places per cohort (more cohorts could be run if required). We can also provide monthly supervision for teams who wish to embed infant observation within their service following completion of the course.

Podcast - Reflective Functioning: The Key to Attachment with Dr. Howard Steele

In this episode, “reflective function,” is discussed. Reflective function is best understood as a measure of a person’s ability to describe their own and others’ internal states, motivations.

Maternal and paternal sensitivity: Key determinants of child attachment security examined through meta-analysis - Research Paper

meta-analysis confirming the association of parental sensitivity with attachment security, compares the association in mums and in dads and finds them to be very similar